Mera Peak Climb and Trek

Mera Climb Large


Type: Climbing and Trekking

Cost: $3,250

Group Size: 4 to 12 people

Dates: April, 2016

Difficulty: ♦♦♦(difficult)

Maximum Elevation: 21,247 ft./6,476 m

Partner: Kaf Adventures


At 21,247 ft./6,476 m, Mera Peak is the highest peak in its permit class, and offers one of the most spectacular mountain vistas in the world.  Located in the eastern Everest Region of Nepal, five of the highest peaks on earth can be seen from its summit.  Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu and Katchenjunga dominate the horizon, while spire-like summits such as Kyashar, Mingbo Peak, and dozens of 6,000 meter peaks fill-in the gaps.  Mera Peak is one of the least technical of all peaks in Nepal.  The ascent takes considerable endurance given the altitude, but there is only a very short section of steep terrain which is ascended using a fixed-line.  This makes the climb suitable for those who are willing to train to be in excellent physical condition, but who have minimal glacier mountaineering experience.  On the way to Mera Peak we visit Sibuje Village, home to Karma Geljen Sherpa who is one of our guides.  In the village we stay with Sherpa families, learn about Sherpa culture and cooking, and visit with local people.  Our trip contributes to scholarships for children from Sibuje to attend school in the village of Karihola a day’s walk away.

For more information, including a packing list, itinerary, and training information you will be redirected to the Kaf Adventures website.  Booking for this trip is done through KAF Adventures.


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